Olubori Paul


Olubori Paul, popular known as THE WEALTH MENTOR, is a Forex guru and coach, who in the last two years has not only being able move from losing “tons of dollars” in FOREX TRADING, spending a lot of money on buying trading techniques that failed to prove their claims to now a Millionaire Trader who has offered Forex Trading Coaching and Mentoring to over 500 people in and outside the shores of Africa, and seeing over 70% of his Mentees earning thousands of dollars from FOREX Trading Market.
On the surface, this might seems like a too-good-to-be-true story but his success journey has been a roller-coaster – one that is colored with failures and loss that would certainly discourage an averagely willed person.
His story changed the day he met a successful trader in Lagos Nigeria, who later became his FOREX trading Coach who showed him a better way to trade.
This marked the beginning of breakthrough for him in FOREX Trading, coupled passion for developing himself, he invested close to $5,000 dollars paying for courses, trading strategies, learning from different experts and now at the stage where he is uncovering innovative trading strategies for trading profitably; what he calls his TRADE SECRETS which have not only proven to be profitable but also are failure-proof.
He has a number of testimonies from his Students and Mentees who have applied his TRADE SECRETS from which they profited wonderfully with some of them making thousands of dollars.
He lives by a Mantra which says, “Success should not be measured by the amount of Money in the bank account but the number of people lives positive touched by you”.
This is why he his currently on a lofty mission to replicate his success many times over by raising 10,000 Millionaires from around the world annually.
With this will be sharing his well reserved, proven and sustainable TRADE SECRETS that have seen him rise above loss from FOREX and overcome his naivety of being a rookie a trader to becoming a MILLIONAIRE and helping to create many more